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1987.1.16     Taechang Metal Industry is founded by Mr.Tae-Soo Lee at Shintanjin, Daejeon  (1986 founded, started sales at 1987)


1988.6.29     Arranged company with incorporation of going business (366, Sangseodong, Daedeokku, Dajeon)

                          Mr. Tae-soo Lee is nominated as president.


1990.2.12     started to Interchange of technology and  export product  to YUKAWA IRON CASTING WORKS CO., LTD of Japan


1991.11.30   acheived overseas export of $1,000,000 and awarded from Minister of Commerce and Industry


1992.10.14   Approved in manufacturing shipmaking components  from Korea Ship Classification Association (FC300, FCD 600)


2000.3.29     Mr. Young-hak Lee is nominated as president


2000.11.6    Acquired  ISO 9001 certification (producting casting iron and other services) 


2007.9.1       Began to build Nonsan plant


2008.5.2       Completed building Nonsan plant


2008.12        built additional space for Warehouse of wooden patterns,

                                          space for after-treatment and core print (3300㎟)


2009.1          Approved in manufacturing shipping components (KR, LR, DNV, BV, ABS, GL)


2009.12.17   Awarded from Minister of Knowledge and Economy at the 9th casting contest 


2011. 07. 26 Selected promising small-medium sized company at Chungchung province  

2012.1          Installed LAYOUT Machine


2012. 12. 05  Acheived overseas export of $3,000,000, Awarded from chief of Trade Association


2013. 11         Awarded from Minister of Trade, the 13th Root Industy and technology  Industry Technique contest


2014. 09         Awarded from Minister of Trade, the 14th Root Industy and technology at Root Industry Technique contest


2014. 12. 05  Acheived overseas export of $5,000,000


2015. 05. 19  Patent (casting sand chilling device)


2015. 9          Awarded from Prime Minister at the 15th Root Industry Technique contest

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